The Princess of Ice and the Fallen Angel: Rhapsody 1.

                                                        The Enchanted Book

Eighteen-year-old Layla Bordeanu seems to have the perfect life. Gorgeous, intelligent, and wealthy, the Romanian heiress attends a prestigious English school and has a handsome boyfriend named Javier. But her world is a nightmare. Bound by the rules of her family, she is allowed to make no choices for herself. Even Javier, who is cruel and vicious, was chosen for her by her parents to make an alliance with his family. At school, however, Layla encounters a new face among her classmates—a beautiful young man to whom she is instantly drawn. That same day, she rescues him and her friend Elena from Javier and his friends, who are beating him up. The boy’s name is Adrian Murray, and he hides a strange secret. What’s more, his presence in Layla’s life draws supernatural attention—not only to him, but to her as well. Now only time will tell if Layla and Adrian can face their feelings for each other and work together in order to keep each other safe in the face of grave danger. 

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   eBook, ePUB: 10,34€, VAT Included (ISBN: 9781483441160)

Pages: 196, Black & White

Weight: 0,35g (Physical book) o 109,99 KB (Electronical Book)

Size: 15,24 de width x 22,86 high

Lenguage: English

Author: Elena Nicoleta Busoiu

Year: 2014

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